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Massage Therapy

Massage is a great way to get muscles and whole body relaxed. Massage for

  • relaxation
  • better blood circulation
  • aches
  • tension
  • after sports

There is just few conditions where massage therapy is not recommended:

  • cancer
  • heart condition
  • inflammation in muscles
  • bad skin condition

I do also sometimes combination of massage, reflexology and energyhealing which actually is very soothing and effective.


Reflexology works great in activating and strengthening of body's own natural healing.

Human being is a combination of physical body, mind, emotions and spirit. One cannot always know what is causing what  or what was the first cause of some condition. Everything in body, mind, emotion and spirit is integrated in order for human being to function in this world and any of these parts can cause imbalance. Also food that we consume has a huge impact on our health or emotions.
Both hypo- and hyperactivity of organs effects for the free energyflow in the body which can cause some health issues.
Reflexology is effective in balancing and harmonizing body, mind and emotions.

What happens in reflexology session?

Body is devided by 5 energy lines in both sides - left and right - and they are called meridians. Each meridian is going through certain organs and those organs will send reflexpoints onto the top of the meridians. By massaging these points and meridians around the body in particular way and order those bodily organs can be activated to function in balance.

  • Usually one hour long Reflexology session is done on feet.
  • Head, hands and whole body can still be treated in longer session which takes about 1,5 hours.

Benefits of reflexology:

  • balancing body, mind and emotions
  • relaxing
  • strengthens blood circulation
  • insomnia
  • digestive conditions
  • back problems, helping healing of discus prolapse for example
  • joint conditions
  • this list could continue further

There is not many conditions that reflexology would not be recommended but here are few of those:

  • Cancer
  • heart condition and pacemaker
  • Metal or any other devices like intrauterine devicemetalli or nails or anything like that used for healing the bones. These are not actually preventing reflexology session but they just need to be communicated
  • communication is needed also about pregnancy because some spots need to be left alone that the reflexology session doesn't cause inmature delivery

Worth of trying - you will be amazed about the state of relaxation after the session.


Reiki, energyhealing

Reiki is a great and simple hands-on healing method. It is subtle yet quite powerful way to balance your energies and help your body, mind and emotions to start the healing process.

You will have your clothes on during the session and you can just relax. We might discuss a bit about some issues that sometimes rise up and I am fully there for you.

You can trust that everything happens with full respect of your whole being.

The session lasts usually about 60 to 75 minutes.

Sound Healing

What happens in the Sound Healing session?

I use my own voice, vocals and I help you to use your voice and to get it into your body. Often I use also drum and Tibetan singing bowl. Sometimes we move the body a bit in order to get a better touch for voice.

Everything begins with breathing, so we practice how to breathe with the whole body. Sometimes I might do sounds and voices alone for you yet often I encourage you to join me and use your own voice and try to feel its vibration in your body. We have been taught to stay silent and we have learned often it just too well and it has created limitations in our creativity, expressions and skills. In the sound healing session we begin to let go of those limitations.

I am not a singing teacher but it is possible that even your singing voice will get strength and tone.

One session usually lasts about 30 minutes. It is possible to make this a special event for a small group too.

Sometimes I might use healing sounds in other treatments as well if my intuition tells me that it would help in the process.

Coaching or counceling

When you want new insights and perspective for the concerning issues I can help you with that. My quite diverse life and work experience, all the work I have done with myself and all the studies that I have gone through give me broad perspective of different situations of life.

Would you like to have some inspiration and support for the changes that you want to have in your career? I can help you with that.

I have natural gift of inspiring people to find their strengths and talents and then encouraging taking action into direction for utilizing those skills.  

Sometimes spiritual search needs some support and direction. I can help you with that. I have explored some variety of different spiritual approaches and personal development. There is many ways to Rome and you can find your way. I am not offering any strict orders but just information and helping you to find the best way for you.

Intuitive somatic therapy

The idea is to recognize and open the blockages that are in body and emotions. Then it is possible to start to build and maintain better balance between physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels. Session is an exploration of the relationship of cause and consequence. Psychological bodywork helps also to get new insights of the behavior patterns and then begin gradually to change dysfunctional patterns toward a bit better ones.

What happens in the session?

When coming to a Somatic Therapy session I recommend that you are wearing comfortable and stretching clothing so that it is easy to move when needed. One session can include many different methods: discussion, touch, movement, sound healing, energy work, breathing, meditation, drawing, listening to the bodily impact of emotions and thoughts. Each session is different because there is no exact form or pattern but the session is guided by my intuition.

 Why this kind of therapy is needed?

Sometimes we don’t remember the causes of the trauma or even that we have experienced some trauma yet the effects show up in our daily life and  relationships. Respectful and safe physical touch together with insightful discussion can open the mind and related emotions better than just talking. (That happened to me anyway and I have seen it happening to so many others).

It is well known that stress of any kind can lead to physical problems or even illness. Our physical bodies have memory much like our minds. While we may sometimes forget the psychological, emotional and spiritual issues bringing disruption to our lives, our body stores the unpleasant or undesired memories and experiences them in our tissues, our organs and even our digestive and immune systems. This has been proven countless times.

Some of the causes of the stress could be childhood abuse, neglect, shame, criticism and grief. These are just few of the many types of experiences that can become deeply seated in the physical body and cause problems. The roots of these problems have tentacles extending into each of the four dimensions of our being. Integral healing addresses them all together.

What to expect from Somatic Therapy?

The results can be quite remarkable. Many people describe the experience as a form of deep release followed by an opening or awakening of self and leading to new insights while helping to relieve emotional and physical pain and suffering. New ways to function and strengthen have been found so that situations which were scary, distressing and difficult earlier might lose their grip and daily life and relationships have started to become easier and better. The whole life feels happier.

Of course just one session doesn’t do the work but usually there are more than that needed, but it is possible to get some relief even from one session and at least it is possible to get some tools to cope better in the future.