Reiki workshops

Three levels of Reiki workshops:

  • Reiki I  healing hands on energy healing technic. We'll have many excersises for listening to the energy, how to do Reiki healing and some meditation. Weekend wks.
  • Reiki II distant healing and a deeper touch in Reiki and energy work. One weekend and one evening.

  • Reiki Master - Teacher level of energy work. Deep individual journey into you and deepening your life purpose. About one year long individual process.


From few hours workshops to one day or weekend workshops or even few weeks workshops.

Meditation, Relaxation & Intuition

We will practice relaxation and meditation in different forms. We also will study a bit of body awareness by exploring how emotions and thoughts are effecting in our physical body. We also learn to understand what does intuition mean and get in touch of listening to our intuition. Silencing our monkey mind helps for all kind of relaxation and success in our daily life whether we are in the busy business world or working with people or health care and wellbeing or dealing with our family life and relationships.

  • I use combination of many methods that I have learned: breathing, voice, drumming, singing bowl, movement, silent or guided meditations, light awareness etc.

Usually there is no previous information or experience about meditation needed but you are welcome with whatever level you are and just wanting some support of the group and connetion with others.

Come on and join the group to get surprised of your skills to relax and find serenity and follow your own intuition and guidance.


Sound Healing

Listening to the silence and sound in your own being and in your surroundings.
Deep opening and healing can take place in Sound healing sessions and workshops.
I warmly recommend these to you.

Meditation and Sound Healing
I combine these two wonderful things together. Producing vocals and other voices opens and cleanses the mind and body. By listening to your own voice and then small groups voices puts your mind in rest and creates space in between thoughts.
Great way to meditate because meditation is silence and producing vocals creates silence in your mind.
Sometimes I use also drum and Tibetan singing bowl.

This way you can have benefits from both meditation and Sound Healing.


Personal development

Who or what you are?

Have you thought about what or who you really are?

This is a process or journey based on the questions and answers that we ponder together with the group.
Meditaion and small group work are our tools.

There will be about 3 hours long meeting in regular basis. Each meeting will begin with a short lecture and there are some home work to be done in between the meetings.


Inner Child

Everyone has been a child once and that child lives in us even today. That child aspect of ours might take controll over adult us in some situations and lead us in our relationships and daily life.

Are you ready to meet your Inner Child and to get to know her or him?
I assure you that it is worth of getting to know that little child in you. It can help you to release some limiting fears or beliefs and reveal your potentials for more productive and joyful life and  heal your relationships.

The workshop lasts 3 full days and there will be different theme in each of those days. It is a process that you will have with a small and safe group.